Roll-formed profil systems

Walzen, auch Rollformer genannt
Roll former

Roll formed profiles are brought into the desired shape by roller, also called roll former. The number of rolling stands is dependent on the geometry of the profile. This technique is used in open as well as in closed profiles of tape material. As raw material is used tape material e.g. steel, aluminum, brass, copper, steel with different surface coatings such as zinc, lacquer or something like that.

A specialty of lsoProfil is roll formed spacer for insulating glass manufacturing.


Evidences of possibly measurements:

  • max. profile cross-section (circumscribing circle) diameter 48 mm
  • tape thickness from 0,1 to 3,6 mm
  • bandwidth up to 210 mm

Special procedures for the production of seamless connected profiles are laser welding, high frequency welding, longitudinal seam bonding and compound profiling. Compound profiling, also co-profiling by bands of different materials e.g. stainless steel/polycarbonate can be found today in the production of low thermally conductive spacer profiles for insulating applications.

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