Mission and corporate philosophy

Innovation from Tradition 

More than 30 years of experience coupled with its core expertise of our trained team, high quality products plus development and expansion of new markets build up the foundation stone for success together with our partners.

Quality as highest goal

The highest goal of IsoProfil is to develop and produce products with globally appreciated and/or coveted quality seal "Made in Germany" and "Made by IsoProfil". From prototypes to series production through to after sale support and multi-annual stocking of spare parts. Certifications, continuing development and training on our house always have been a high priority. As an additional measure of accompaniment IsoProfil checked in conjunction with external and approved organizations the manufacturing system. Result: Services around our products remain at a high level and are subject to further improvements.

Customer in focus

Specific product requirements can be solved creative and realized economically togehter with our customers only in close cooperation. The high demands and the simultaneous rapid technological advancement assumes a broad and flexible service spectrum with depth know - which is implemented by all employees of our house every day and makes us a sought-after specialist. Especially short decision-making processes and high personal responsibility of each employee bring a strong motivation which leads together with teamwork to a successful and reliable solution of tasks and to benefit and satisfaction of the customer.

Attractive employer

We offer our employees a variety of tasks together with independent project work, where they provide and develop their proactivity, their sense of responsibility and self-reliance. We attach great importance to a cooperative working.


Parts of generatet profits flows continuously into new investments to keep the aforementioned market segments and services at high levels we have already achieved and to constantly improve on. Target for the follow-up fuse is to continue and expand the company's history in Germany successfully. Here are outstanding adaptability to changing conditions and the economic soundness in the foreground.  

IsoProfil - Expertise in Metals and Plastics