IsoProfil at a Glance

Product Development:

From the original idea to mass production – IsoProfil designs, engineer and plan your profiles while identifying custom solutions for your project.

Engineering, Development and Design:

Your profile systems and assemblies are the subject of ongoing optimization during this iterative phase.

Preparing Drawings:

Your final manufacturing drawings will be prepared to meet the needs of production operations, at modern CAD workstations, where they will be examined and approved.

Prototype Construction:

Using the initial concepts as the basis, IsoProfil fabricates all the required prototypes in their own shop, from the first mock-up to the fully functional sample for the pilot run.

Quality Testing:

It goes without saying that all our products are subjected to essential quality tests, like the FMEA, in every development phase.

Mass Production:

Once all the tests have been passed, IsoProfil turn their attention to approval of all the required concepts and then launch volume production on your behalf.

Cost Management:

Once mass production has been started, we apply cost optimization measures to make our work even more effective and economical, to your benefit.

On-the-Spot Support and Service:

Our experts are glad to provide face-to-face consultation and will continue to support the project as needed.

IsoProfil - Expertise in Metals and Plastics