IsoProfil GmbH & Co. KG was founded in 1983 by Dipl.-Ing. Dieter Sander, managing partner and is based in Wuppertal. The company is family owned and belongs to the association of family business "DIE FAMIELENUNTERNEHMER - ASU e.V." headquartered in Berlin.

Highlights in its history have been the team’s expertise in the field of insulated glass and the successes resulting from an adhesion process, patented in 1984, to achieve torsion-resistant hollow profiles.

Today’s product range is far more varied, due in part to the many years of experience contributed by our loyal staff. The results are products distinguished by optimized test values. They offer many advantages that assist our customers in the manufacture of quality products, which they export to the entire world.

We offer consulting and manufacturing from a single source. This ensures that you will receive close-fitting, highly functional components for integration into your assemblies.

Just-in-time deliveries that are both prompt and reliable keep warehousing costs low. These savings are passed directly to our customers.

IsoProfil - Expertise in Metals and Plastics