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lsoProfil, your guarantee for the successful market launch of your development and prototypes.

Founded in 1983, specializes in profiles, modules, components and profile systems. Our range in production is aluminum profiles over brass and copper sections to stainless steel and steel profiles. In addition we produce metall- and plasticparts , allmost as connectingparts, made  by plastic injection molding or if zink, aluminium or magnesium by die casting.

Core competencies of IsoProfil include the production of profiles and their components by roll forming and extrusion of sophisticated products with special requirements on the form, function and finish. The variants or combination of rolling and extrusion or pulling are examined prior to the SOP together with each partner.


Anodized or painted: Aluminiumprofil & Co. directly from the manufacturer

Get your anodized aluminum profile? As an experienced aluminum profile manufacturer, we offer the painting, powder coating, anodizing and veneers, as well as electroplating surfaces among others in gold, silver, chromium, ruthenium and KTL. Of course we also manufacture each profile steel, brass or copper Profile Profile etc. completely according to your specifications.

Our services around profiles and system components

lsoProfil supports you in developing of each new component for product of there costomer from the initial idea through to mass production. Already the new system geometry determines the value and success. IsoProfil manufacture each aluminum profile, brass profile, copper profile and other profiles with high standards and exclusive, high quality surface finishes and shapes. Are delivered to customer in advance of the prototype, the production part and from case to case necessary plastic or metal composite element. Materials are proven and suitable for the task and have to be used in aggreement with our partners. Mostly we produce profile-based products with higher requirements on function and usually with the required surface.

Aluminum, and increasingly in brass decorative and electro-energetic components include the materials used in production. Learn more about our materials.

Innovative solutions in response to your challenge, assure availability, cost effectiveness and therefore competitiveness - across industries.



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