Galvanische Beschichtung
The noblest chair of the world

lsoProfil provides galvanically coated products made of metal and plastic for a variety of applications - coated to your specifications:

  • silver
  • gold
  • nickel
  • copper
  • chrome
  • ruthenium


We document you the layer thickness by RFA (X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy). In XRF, the atoms in the reference and analysis substances are excited by the line and braking spectrum of X-ray tube to emit their characteristic X-ray fluorescence radiation.

The outgoing radiation from the sample is decomposed by monochromatisation of analyzer crystals in the spectrometer so that the intensities of individual spectral lines or spectral (wavelength-dispersive) can be measured. After corrections to matrix effects and line overlaps represents the measured intensity of a line element a measure of the concentration of the element.

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