Surface finishing

Basically all materials suitable for galvanizing such as brass, aluminium, copper, zinc, stainless steel/stainless and plastic can be processed.

Special, tailored to your application coating structures such as carbon diffusion treatment, titanium nitride, etc. can be enquired at our technical center +49 202 730043-43.

The company lsoProfil is using the spectrophometer from Konica Minolta. This use makes it possible to carry out accurate color analysis of differently shaped profiles. In order to obtain detailed information about the finish of the profile, the specular components included (SCI) and excluded (SCE) are measured.

The most common system which is used for color measurement is the L * a * b * - color space (also called CIELAB system). In this space, L* indicates lightness and a* and b* are the chromaticity coordinates. The a* and b* indicate color directions: +a* is the red direction, -a* is the green direction, +b* is the yellow direction, and –b* is the blue direction.

The center is achromatic; as the a* and b* values increase and the point moves out from the center, the saturation of the color increases.

In Figure 1 you can see  the horizontal at a constant brightness value L *. Figure 2 shows the complete body of the color L * a * b * - system.

Fig. 1: color scheme at a constant brightness value L*
Fig. 2: color solid of L*a*b* space

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