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manufactures and supplies profiles, modules, components and profile systems made of aluminum, copper, brass, steel and stainless steel. Plastic and other connecting parts as profile supplement of injection molding or die casting are often rank among the system-building supplements.

lsoProfil stands for efficient solutions with special characteristics...since 1983.

The core competence of the company are mainly sophisticated products with high demands on form, function and surface. Not infrequently, different variations are thoroughly tested together with partners before the start of production.

Lacquer, powder coating, anodizing, veneers, electroplating, i. a. in gold, silver, chrome, ruthenium and cathodic dip-paint coat are our standard surfaces, which left our house according to customer requirements.


lsoProfil assists you in the development of each new component for your product solution from the initial idea to series production. Even the creation of a new geometry determines the value and success.

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We mostly produce sophisticated profiles among others with exclusive, high quality surfaces and shapes. The prototype, mass-produced component and case by case necessary plastic composite element can be delivered beforehand according to customers' request.

Thereby are used proved and for your task suitable materials after consultation with the partners. We mainly produce profile-based products with higher demands on the function and usually with different surface structure. Aluminum and increasingly brass in decorative and electro-energetic components are counted among the materials used in manufacturing.

Innovative solutions in response to your challenge ensure you availability, cost efficiency and thus competitiveness - across industries.

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